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Outsourcing as a Success Factor

In certain instances, it’s worth considering separating your spa complex from the rest of your hotel. Outsourcing is the key here. The separation however, should not be felt by guests. To achieve this, you’ll find a strong spa consulting partner in Spa Concepts. Starting from a vision for your spa facilities, we design all the necessary measures, then integrate them successfully to create a new profit centre that perfectly fits into your hotel concept and ensures the preservation of your company culture throughout the spa so visiting your spa will be an unforgettable experience for members and guests. And of course, this is also reflected in the financial resilience and continued success of your wellness area.

Management services of Spa Concepts:

  • Development of vision and mission statements, based on overall hotel conception
  • Measures related to sales and marketing
  • Financial management
  • Creation of membership programs and spa menus
  • Development of exclusive signature treatments
  • Development of service standards
  • Assessment of further training
  • Recruitment of spa team
  • Retail merchandising