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How Your Opening Will be a Complete Success

Thorough preparation of a spa for daily life contributes significantly to its successful launch and its long-term financial success. Spa Concepts helps you even before the opening. We support you in the preparation of marketing activities as well as in purchasing professional products or carrying out trial runs. The aim being trust in our experience from the first schedule through to the final test run before the grand opening. An excellent start for your spa is guaranteed thanks to our spa consulting.

For the preparation in the run-up to the grand opening, we like to work together with your team or bring our own experienced team – whichever you wish. So take advantage of our diverse portfolio of services and our extensive experience!

Pre-opening service of Spa Concepts:

  • Development of a timeline (critical path)
  • Selection for all operating supplies and equipment (OS&E)
  • Selection of all retail and professional products
  • Controlling of all deliveries of professional products
  • Planning for merchandising and displays
  • Strategic planning of marketing and promotion activities
  • Planning of efficient data processing
  • Trial runs in planning and implementation
  • Preparations for soft and grand opening