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Excellent Staff Training is Your Strength

Well-trained employees are (almost) priceless. That’s why we’re happy to help as part of our Spa Academy in educating and training your team. With on-the-job spa training and diverse training sessions, we offer you the right programme for all areas and positions from Spa Manager through to every single employee at the facility. In our training sessions, we systematically analyse the talents and skills of your employees and show you how to guide them optimally. At our spa training sessions, we always focus on the daily working reality of your employees in order to create maximum practicality. This means that your employees can immediately implement what they’ve learned. Through our spa training sessions, we sustainably increase the sovereignty, team skills and motivation of your employees.

Our spa training session overview:

Dealing with guests, team members and management is daily life of the spa management team. The confidant, interpersonal relationships are particularly important for senior executives. Therefore, the proper handling of guests as well as complaint and conflict management are important building blocks in our spa management training. Furthermore, we introduce our trainees to all aspects of the job, from planning effective distribution of tasks through to sustainable team development. We provide an in-depth understanding of all financial areas of the spa as well. This ranges from proper costing and pricing of all services through to profit responsibility and customer acquisition planning.
The spa reception team is the face and figurehead of your wellness facility. They greet the guests and are a constant contact point. These employees are crucial to the success of your spa. A spa training pays off for these employees in particular. Perfect manners on-site and on the phone, extensive knowledge and a sincere, natural disposition make these employees into perfect hosts. With targeted training sessions, we mediate the required expertise that gives your spa reception team the confidence to respond competently and professionally in every situation. This means your guests will experience a warm and dedicated host from the moment they enter your facility until they leave. The scope of our spa training for reception staff includes telephone training, scheduling for an optimum facility and staff utilisation, the up-selling of products and services, and an in-depth understanding of finance.
Therapists and practitioners are at the heart of your spa. To meet and even exceed the expectations of your guests, we train your team by working with renowned, international trainers. Both communication skills and treatment concepts are part of this extensive training offer. In addition to international standards of treatments, we above all teach practical skills, from dealing with your guests through to dexterity for the individual types of treatments.
The spa area of your facility puts special demands on your housekeeping team. Hygiene and privacy are the key issues here. These areas differ significantly from the rest of your facility due to the products that are used and humidity. Particular sensitivity is also needed for working in some areas such as the nude area. Therefore, it is not just the appropriate employees that are needed here, but also special training so that housekeeping team can reliably meet the demands of the spa.
The stay was extremely pleasant for your guests, the programme inspired them and the team made the perfect impression. But could you give your guests even more? High-quality spa products, for example! Only a few employees are born to sell these types of products successfully. To contribute to the financial success of your wellness facility, we’re happy to train your team members in proactive sales of products and services.