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The Perfect Appearance

In addition to perfect manners, the appearance of your employees contributes significantly to the success of your spa. This not only involves a harmonious, unified appearance of all employees but your team must also feel comfortable and confident in their uniforms. Only then they can make a lasting positive impression on your guests. The uniforms of your employees are, therefore, also a piece of well-rehearsed corporate culture and reflect the values of your company. With the services of Spa Concepts, you give this success factor the attention it deserves.

Corporate Prêt-à-Porter – Corporate Ready-to-Wear Fashion for Your Team

The corporate prêt-à-porter concept from Spa Concepts offers you the unique opportunity to choose the outfit of your employees from one of our collections individually tailored to your needs. According to your wishes we create a harmonious design, which underlines the professional appearance of your employees. Thanks to the large selection of pieces and cuts at Spa Concepts you will find the right outfit for every figurine type. Your employees will feel comfortable in their clothes and can be confident and self-assured. This is the best prerequisite to be an outstanding host.
Good style is an art that the team at Spa Concepts understands well. That is why we are happy to advise you on the selection of the best ready-to-wear outfits for your team.
In order for each piece to fit perfectly, it must fit the type and size of each employee. That is why we would like to visit you on the spot and choose the right outfit alongside you, deciding on what item is best fitting for each employee as well as identifying all the necessary changes and modifications that need to be made.
Your logo is always present throughout your premises and marketing materials and this should also apply to the clothing your team wears. With various techniques ranging from embroidery, to printing and webbing labels, we can ensure your corporate trademark is always captured.
The uniform set of each employee is individually packed and shipped in a reusable garment bag. This means that you get the team uniforms in perfect condition and can easily keep track even with large orders.

Corporate Couture – Individual Design and Production

Spa Concepts offers you a very special service when it comes to corporate couture. We design items individually for your spa, ensuring the attire of your spa team harmonises seamlessly with the uniforms of the rest of your hotel employees and blends effortlessly with the corporate identify of your organisation.
None of your wishes should go unfulfilled, which is something we pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring each and every one of your design ideas is listened to and explored. We’ll discuss ideas with you in great depth and listen to the needs of your employees, helping you identify the requirements and exacting standards needed before launching into the design phase of your concept.
After talking to you at length, we will know exactly what fabrics, shapes and other details you are picturing for your couture. In order to be able to test and experience your items in advance, we’ll create prototypes of all necessary attire pieces and present them to you in a live fashion show.
All adjustments are completed, all wishes are fulfilled. As soon as you give the green light to a prototype, your new corporate couture goes into production. This way, your fashion will become a reality even sooner and is available to be worn by your team in no time.
Quality assurance is a benchmark principle for Spa Concepts. This is why every single piece of clothing passes through our quality control before shipping. Only when material and workmanship standards are signed off will the items be shipped to you.
Uniforms for each employee is packed in quality clothing bags, ensuring your items reach in an organised fashion and your employees have instant access to the right items. Your employees will be delighted by the stylish, high-quality outfits they’ll soon be working in.