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With Us, You Optimise Your Current Spa Operation

A professional and efficiently run spa ensures the satisfaction of your guests. As a true profit centre, it also plays a major part in the financial success of your hotel. In order to write a success story for your wellness facility, you can count on our spa consulting team. Spa Concepts will support you in creating an efficient, success-oriented workflow of all areas, marketing planning, supervision of exciting spa events, quality assurance, finance management and much more.

The following is part of our spa consulting operations:

  • Support of day-to-day operations for lasting success in all areas
  • Analysis and support for budgeting and forecasting on monthly basis
  • Optimisation and support in cooperation with business partners and suppliers
  • Development of yearly marketing and promotion plan
  • Planning and implementation of spa training
  • Support for human resources planning and execution
  • Continuous communication with spa managers and spa team
  • Continuous quality assurance with mystery shoppers