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Project Description

Arya Spa – A Jewel of the Silk Road

Here at Spa Concepts, we thrive in the face of a challenge. When tasked to design and produce the spa linen collection for the Arya Spa at the Hyatt Regency in Tashkent in Uzbekistan, we went above and beyond to deliver a range of products that combined everyday function with outright luxury.

We tackled a range of design challenges to produce an extensive range of products that went beyond everyday function and took spa furnishings and garments to the next level. The custom-made collection included set-ups for treatment purposes as well as cosy bath towels and bathrobes, which add an instant elegance to the treatment rooms. With an expert understanding that the unseen details of a material need to be fit for purpose, we ensured that each and every product not only looked fantastic, but also made dressing and maintenance easier than ever before.

However, we didn’t just select fabrics because of how they looked and their innate properties. We also sought to create synergy between the materials used and the geographical location of the spa at which they’d be used. Our design concept combined best practice in everyday spa operations with the finest interior design mantras, while acknowledging the local culture and Uzbekistan’s commitment to a sustainable, ecological textile industry. The result was a spa linen collection that created a warm and inviting atmosphere that naturally and effortlessly complements with the interior design of the Arya Spa.

Every item we produce is made exclusively within the EU and goes through a strict quality control process at our offices in Cologne, Germany. We maintain the strictest control measures at every single step of the design and production process, whether that’s picking raw materials from our suppliers, or undertaking grueling assessments of potential production partners to ensure everything is fully in line with our high standards and brand values.

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Project: Arya Spa at Hyatt Regency Tashkent
Location: Tashkent/Uzbekistan
Client: APEAS
Services: Design and production of an individual spa line collection

Voices of Our Clients

“Enthusiastic, attention to detail, solution-oriented – those are just some of the qualities that Ms. Elif Arslan brings along. I had the privilege to work with Ms Elif Arslan in setting up and opening Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy. She has supported us in the entire take-over process, finalisation of design elements and implementation of spa software for more than 4,000 sqm of wellness area. Furthermore, I had an opportunity to work with Ms. Arslan on Hyatt Regency Tashkent project as well, were she and her Team produced and supplied custom made spa linen of the highest quality despite have extremely limited timeline. I must say I was really impressed by her work ethic and professionalism. She and Spa Concepts Team are definitely a great addition to any team and project”
Mate Beram – Project Manager Hyatt International

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