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Project Description

The Nordic sense of Luxury

Located on the Inner Alster Lake Shore in Hamburg, the Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten represents the grand traditions of Europe’s finest hotels. With four high-quality restaurants and bars for guests to choose from, it was felt the spa facilities located on the fifth and sixth floors of the hotel could do with updating in order to raise the level of relaxation and fitness for guests. Spa Concepts was involved in this process from the outset. The new concept was designed to deliver an ambience that provided guests with an intimate, personalised spa boutique atmosphere with the highest service levels offered by skilled and well-trained spa staff. Read on to discover more about the successful partnership of Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel Hamburg and Spa Concepts.
In order to come up with a spa concept that would revive visitor interest in this important part of the hotel’s offering, a comprehensive gap analysis was carried out. Moreover, customized KPI analytics sheet was developed to enable spa team and hotel management to keep accurate track of financial performance of the spa.
Since the Vier Jahreszeiten Spa reflects the luxury, serenity and Nordic spirit of Hamburg, a blend of iconic German healing techniques and contemporary lifestyle therapies were considered to be the best way forward. The unique nature of the hotel lent itself to results-driven skincare therapies and holistic spa treatments which made use of local ingredients. Three spa journeys were introduced – water, breeze and clay – which made the Vier Jahreszeiten Spa experience utterly distinctive.
The customer offering at the spa was completely overhauled and refreshed to provide hotel guests with something new and tempting. This was carried out with a three-pronged approach. Firstly, the spa’s services were updated. Secondly, its pricing policy was also revised. Finally, the range of treatments was also revised to meet the expectation of modern hotel visitors.
Our vision for a new spa at the Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel involved bringing in a new management team which could rise to the challenges of providing a truly luxurious spa experience in a 5-star hotel. This meant that we aided the hotel’s senior management in recruiting new spa employees who could offer the necessary leadership to bring about the changes that were necessary to bridge the gap between the current offering and what customers were expecting. At every step of the process, we assisted to the hotel in finding spa manager who shared the new vision for success and, crucially, who could help to deliver on it.
To create a unique and authentic spa experience it was important to implement a product line that would upgrade overall spa journey and provide a sense of luxury. After careful consideration Ila Spa product line was selected – offering retail as well as professional products.
A strategy for tying in the spa experience to up-selling products was introduced as a part of the wider wellness center strategy. Guests could now take away with them a product that had been used during a treatment or purchase something on the recommendation of a therapist. Crucial to the success of such a commercial strategy is the training and development of all staff members at the spa. We helped to coordinate the training of the therapists and other employees at the spa in order to not only make them aware of the full range of products offered under the Ila Spa brand but to offer them the skills necessary to sell these products without ever being too aggressive in what is – at its heart – an environment devoted to relaxation.
By improving the range of services on offer on the spa’s menu, it was also necessary to make an overview of the sort of equipment that would be needed to provide these additional treatments. For the hotel’s management team, we made an extensive consultation on the furniture, fixtures and other permanent equipment that would need to be invested in. As well as the necessary exercise in examining the long-term equipment and spa fixtures, we helped the hotel to look more deeply into its day-to-day supplier expenditure. All of the operational equipment suppliers for consumable items were reassessed as a part of the business exercise. We helped the hotel to identify areas where a greater value for money could be obtained while still keeping up the high standards of quality expected in a luxurious environment.
As previously mentioned, continued assistance during the implementation phase of the project has been crucial to its ongoing success. We provide frequent support to spa management team with any and all spa business challenges that may arise. It is the sort service we can offer in any spa or wellness center, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Project details

Project: Vier Jahreszeiten Spa
Location: Hamburg/Germany
Website: hvj.com
Client: Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg
Services: Gap Analyses, KPI development, Spa Concept development, Spa Menu development, Spa Manager recruiting, Spa Training Coordination, FF&E and OS&E Consulting, ongoing operative Spa Consulting.

Voices of Our Clients

„Elif is a true professional and passionate individual.
Her networking and expertise for the trade, makes Elif a very respected and reliable preferred partner to work with.
She is highly committed to every project and we are delighted to partner with Spa Concepts!”
Robert Kmita – Hotel Manager Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg

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